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Welcome to Portuguese Water Dogs at Ricelake

Portuguese Water Dog Swimming

We are a small breeder of Portuguese Water dogs in Ontario, located east of Toronto in the Northumberland Country side, breeding Portuguese Water Dogs and have been members of the Canadian Kennel Club since 1993. 

All of our Portuguese Water dogs for sale are bred to the CKC Standard as well as for their great temperaments and intelligence but most importantly for health.  

Even though by definition, we are a kennel, all of our dogs reside under the same roof as us and are members of our family. All of our Portuguese water dog puppies are born and raised in our house, never in a kennel or barn. This allows us to keep a good eye on their progress and talk and play with them right from the start. 

Every Porti puppy is fully guaranteed for their hips thru Penn Hip/OFA and eyes (PRA Optigen). All our breeding dogs have been tested for GMI (DNA) and IC (improper coat), PRA & Hips. This is a full 2year guarantee with a lifetime of breeder support. Read more about these issues here

Portuguese water dogs stands 20 to 23 inches (17 to 21 for females) and weighs between (35 and 55 lbs females) & (45 and 60 for males) - These differences in size maybe explained by the fact that small dogs were more practical for small boats, and larger dogs for the larger boats.

The Portuguese water dog can be shown in two clips styles - the lion clip, with the middle, hindquarters and muzzle clipped short and the rest of the coat left long, and the working-retriever clip where the hair is left more uniform. Most pet owners opt for the retriever clip. Portuguese water dogs hair is not fast growing, its very much like humans about a ¼?/month. Anyone's who has owned a pet with fur knows how difficult it is to keep fur from collecting on your floor/clothing/furniture. Portuguese Water Dogs are Hypoallergenic and Non-Shedding which is very beneficial to families and people who suffer from allergies and because Portuguese Water Dogs shed like humans, it means minimal cleaning. Like Poodles they really don't have a doggy odor.

Some belief exists that the Portuguese water dog traces as far back as 700 B.C.

The Portuguese Water Dog once existed along Portuguese coast, where it was taught to herd fish into the nets, to retrieve lost tackle or broken nets, and to act as a courier from ship to ship, or ship to shore.

In Portugal, the Portuguese Water Dog is called Cao de Agua (pronounced Kown-d'Ahgwa). Cao means dog, de Agua means of water.

 Portuguese Water dogs are a calm intelligent breed with fine temperament, they are rugged and robust and have a pro-fuse non-allergenic, non-shedding, waterproof coat and yes they also have webbed feet. The Portuguese Water dog is an ideal outdoor dog, capable of limitless work.

Portuguese Water Dogs tend to be quiet dogs although they will bark and warn you when someone approaches your home. They will also make odd yawning noises and ha/ha sounds and even whine when they are wanting something. I really feel they are trying to communicate with me with their different sounds.

Portuguese water dogs make wonderful companion dogs, they are easily trained, friendly to strangers and enjoy being petted.    With all these great traits, they make ideal service, therapy and hearing dogs and they also have a great retrieving instinct.

One thing that is typical of Portuguese water dogs is they like to stay close to their owners both indoors and out, I sometimes call them my Velcro dogs.    Like most dogs, Portuguese water dogs will bond with the alpha of the family or in my case the person who feeds and looks after them.  

As their name implies, they love water, and would do well at the cottage or on a boat but would prefer to swim with you or within site of you.    PWD's also seem to come with springs in their feet, they love to hop and mine can jump straight up onto the picnic table without a thought. I have one that would rather go over other dogs then bother to go around.

Although my dogs can be found most days sleeping their life away in my living room, they are not couch potatoes and do need to play.    I like to wear mine done throwing ball out in the yard or going for walks, but when the weathers good I'll take them to the lake, there's nothing like a good swim. 

The main goal of our kennel is to breed a versatile Portuguese Water Dog that can excel in conformation, obedience but most importantly be the best pet you'll ever own. In other words a dog that can do it all.

We are proud of our dogs and welcome you to come and visit us. Please contact us or have a look at some new pictures of our portuguese water dog puppies for sale ontario or follow us on Facebook

Portuguese Water Dog Puppies
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