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Portuguese Water Dogs in Ontario, Canada

We are located 1.5hrs east of Toronto, in Ontario, Canada

Shipping is avail. Portuguese water dogs in Ontario, Portuguese Water dogs in Canada


 What you can expect from us 

portuguese water dogs for sale ontario 

  •   To only breed to improve. We have made a wholehearted commitment to the well-being and improvement of this breed. We make the health and temperament of our dogs our first priority in breeding. We have studied and researched this breed and know, intimately, its history and Standard,
  • To register all puppies with the Canadian Kennel Club at our Cost
  • The CKC registration certificate will be available to the new owner as soon as they arrive back from the CKC.
  • To abide by the rules and regulations of the Canadian Kennel Club
  • Your puppy will be microchipped
  • to properly socialize your puppy
  • All puppies will be wormed several times with different medications to hopefully cover everything before going to new homes.
  • All puppies will be vaccinated at 7 weeks with their First Set of Shots and a certificate of vaccination will be signed by the vet and will be provided to the new owner. Our Veterinarian office is: Northumberland Veterinary Services, Colborne, Ontario
  • We will Provide you with a "Puppy Pack", which will include their Pedigree, General Information, Vaccine schedule, health certificate, microchip info, health insurance thru Pet Secure, Food, leash/collar, toy, blanket etc.........
  • Written Guarantee against Hip Dysplasia
  • Written Guarantee against other Known Genetic Problems 
  • Things You Must Promise Us       
  • They can not speak so please take the time to bond with him/her, you will know then how they are feeling, if they need some veterinary assistance and the like.
  • To share news, be it good or bad, with us. We really like to know how your new addition is progressing for the life of your dog.
  • To share pictures with us. We really like to know how your new addition is looking throughout their lives.
  • To make us your first point of call if you have any problems. We have some 29 years experience breeding and would gladly share our lessons with you. If we have not come across a problem we will gladly look into it with you and learn together.
  • To clarify anything you do not understand. We really do want to build a rich and lasting relationship with you.
  • You do understand that any puppy purchased from Portuguese Water Dogs at Ricelake will be sold only on a non-breeding contract?
  • You do you understand that any puppy you purchased from us is on a return to breeder only policy - meaning that if you are no longer able to care for your Portuguese Water Dog, you may not sell or give them away and they must be returned back to us - their breeder, Portuguese Water Dogs at Ricelake
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